Monday, October 29, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Been a busy 14 weeks of construction.  Not much structure to any of this yet, but thought I would share some pictures of the progress.

Framing out the sub floor
Sub floor and rough plumbing and wiring in place
Nice shot of the wine cellar. The door turned out to be 4 ft by 9 ft... not sure quite how that is going to work out
Began framing about 30 days in
After 3 weeks of framing
Appliances conveniently showed up in the middle of the process, not sure how we are going to work around these, but at least they are here
The Jacuzzi showed up which was actually very useful since we weren't sure how we were going to plumb it
Upcycled this beam from the crane system in the studio to use for the staircase going to the rooftop deck... it was... the opposite of light and maneuverable 
Created the space for the steam shower and Jacuzzi. Since this is an open floor plan, I have big plans for this area.
Finishing up the sheet rock and some primer on the walls
Now the fun stuff begins...