Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Nine Foot Version

We did a 9 foot version of the garden bench for a custom jeweler located in the Design District. Since we were working with the buyer, we let him pick the very reclaimed beam that would be showcased in his waiting area. He chose a beautiful beam with a lot of character and requested that we smooth out the rough edges of the beam. The end result was a beautiful, nine foot long garden bench that showcased the raw, reclaimed wood perfectly.

The chosen beam all smoothed out
Detailed end
Bases added
Center cut reclaimed pine

For more information or for a custom sized garden bench, please contact

Friday, March 7, 2014

Wood and Diamonds

Our neighbor, here, in the Design District creates amazing custom jewelry using all types of jewels, materials and styles. He has a client that wanted something a little different when creating a pair of earrings. He asked us to come up with some wood samples for a tear drop earring design. We chose a mystery wood that is consistent with a south american hardwood, peruvian walnut and old growth pine. 
Wood Samples
Final Product
Who would have thought that wood and diamonds complimented each other so well?