Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CERAMICS @ Studio 217 Dallas

Welcome! to our Ceramics Studio + Collection at Studio 217 West 
We feel excitement to use another medium that encourages expansion of traditional forms.
        infinityDo you favor one horn over all others?
With direction or with with all arts, if you envision it, we can design it. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Custom Brewery LED Signage

Steel + LED's + Flavored Places
Interior signage for the Texas Ale Project brewery in the Dallas Design District.
(The most on-site meetings for a client in Studio 217 history so far : )
levitating fabricator work station
dimensions are 9 feet x 42 inches
staging for the LED install

In-house, we designed and fabricated the LED circuit and hardware. 
The possibilities for LED additions for custom interior and exterior projects are limitless.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

American Walnut Shelving

Groovy! Confused Shelving.
Industrial Steel frames the custom America Walnut shelf unit with a subtle color palette. 
Staging Assembly!
Punching walnut wood filler to mask the binding points. 
Finish Sanding.
Art of Clamping. Easy?
…this is the game when we pull al nighters in the studio: Tag the designer with post it notes…
  This bookcase if of the Industrial Luxury variety: completely custom, modern + contemporary with a promise to last forever.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Hairpin Console Table

 Modern Minimalism Inspired + Industrial Design 

post glue-up: Nogal (Peruvian Walnut) Hard Maple
Burning out the resin and sap! 
Reclaimed, century-old beams often still need more time to dry out so we extract with fire.

After more sanding, the finish is applied and reveals the spirit of the planks.   

Hand-forged, raw steel is formed into a minimalist hairpin shape that draw visual focus to the character of the beams + exotics table top.  
...when beams have "the good life" 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Danish-Inspired, Mid-Century Boat Table

Danish Design + Sexy Atomic Legs
White Oak + American Walnut
Any excuse to use the CNC, reveals solid and certain beginnings. 

crafted out of solid rift sawn white oak 
This is Kenneth's celebration face. Time to apply the finish to seal the surface!
We were challenged to design a dining table to seat 6 guests, with a small space in mind for loft or small area. While we could not surrender the dimensions, we compromised with an elegant, stark boat table.
(custom design challenge No. 0698)
  The table stands 29.5" tall,seats six, and measures 40” x 66”... 
  ...and is currently listed as available:

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Artist + Creative in Commercial Residency

In addition to Kenneth Crain, the corporate artist residency involves the following exceptional Dallas, Texas creatives:   Kyle SteedTiffany McanarneyTyler SharpThe Color ConditionLindsey Dunnagan,  Adrian Torres &  Gary Buckner . [photography credit: Sierra Sintic]

It was curated by Lesli Marshall, of Articulation Art, who celebrates "keeping corporate cool." She even claims the #hashtag on her social channels.   


After touring Facebook and Google headquarters in Silicon Valley, Nationstar decided to be the first Dallas-based corporation to adorn their walls with art that would welcome interaction and inspiration for their employees and visitors.    

Artist: Kenneth Crain

Architectural Timepiece at the Executive reception desk. This gave Kenneth the opportunity to perfect his architectural timepieces. (Full blog post coming next!) He designed the timing circuit, interface and software to complete the need for a custom timepiece.
all the artists and executives in front of The CoLOCondition install
Artist: Kenneth Crain
"When a commercial install is inspired by what we love at home."
Artist: Adrian Torres
Install Location: the board room
"We chose this location as a way to align with the driving force of a day at Nationstar Mortage: like taking a bull by the horns and running with it."

Mural Artist: Kyle Steed
  Artist: Tyler Sharp
Kenneth with Austin-based photographer: Ashleigh Amoroso
 The Nationstar Mortgage Kingdom
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