Thursday, August 14, 2014


Here at Studio 217, we have a tendency to do things in a big way. Lighting is no exception. We were approached by a designer and asked to create a 9 foot tall industrial steel pendant light. Kenneth has a tendency to say, "Yes" to everything and I am very glad that he did! The results for this piece were stunning and it was such a great learning experience for us. This design also gave life to many other lighting designs. The process for creating this light will remain a secret but I will disclose the final product and the installation details.

The piece is an 9 foot, hand-constructed arrangement of 20 gauge steel with a hand rubbed patina and features a single LED light at the top.

Finished product in the studio

My favorite part about this large pendant is the shadows it casts once lit. The random patterns create an array of designs on the flow beneath. The top and bottom are hand rolled pieces of steel that help accentuate the oblong shape. 

Installation was another tricky part of this project. We had to install an 80 lb pendant at the top of a 18 foot ceiling in the clients foyer. 

…On a single, very unsteady ladder

Post installation: Daytime

At Night
The view when standing directly underneath 
This light is 9 feet tall and 2 feet wide at its widest point and constructed of 20 gauge steel. It has one, dimmable LED light. 

Custom sizes, shapes and patinas are available for custom pieces. If interested, please contact or visit for more information.