Friday, February 28, 2014

Clever Signage

Our friend Steve Jordan at Steve Jordan Design had a unique sign project where he needed the help of Studio 217. He was creating an outdoor sign for a house that was located on a golf course. Over the years, his client had collected many stray golf balls and wanted to showcase them using his favorite logos. Our job was simple, we had to mill the two large signs using the CNC machine. Each hole you see is designed to showcase a golf ball.

Custom Sign
Our job was done after this. However, I feel compelled to show the final product because it turned it out so well.

Base paint

Final coat plus the balls
Final Product
This is such a unique and clever idea and we were happy to be a part of it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Indoor Bench (Piece #53)

We just finished with our oversized, massive Garden benches (here) so we wanted to make something a little more sleek that could be used indoors. We cleaned up a reclaimed beam and positioned it atop steel bases that are hand forged from recycled steel. The bases are sealed with an oxidized patina. The beam was then hand rubbed with oil to maximize the woods true character.

The bench weighed in at one of our lightest pieces at 170 lbs. This bench is for indoor use only. 

The bench is available for purchase and is on display at Lost Antiques in the Design District, Dallas. For more information or a custom quote, please contact . 

Garden Bench (Piece #51)

We had these amazing, over sized beams that could be used for indoor use due to some oil in the wood that would prevent us from sealing it. With beams that date back to the 1800s, you run into problems like these. Luckily, we came up with a solution to use the beams and showcase their natural beauty. Where is a better place to do this but the great outdoors? We used an 16" tall by 16" deep reclaimed beam from a Historical Site in Fort Worth, Texas. We designed some steel framed bases that would cradle the beam and create a garden bench.
Beautiful grain

Center cut detail

Steel bases
The bases are unfinished steel forged from recycled steel. The bench is designed for a garden setting and therefore, both the beam and steel have been prepared in a way to quickly patina in an outdoor setting. The bases may be repositioned along the length of the beam as desired. Below is a picture of them moved out a bit closer to the edge.
Versatile legs
All around versatile… and sturdy
This bench weighs in at 750 lbs and is designed for outdoor use only. Dimensions of the one pictured are:
Beam alone- L 81" x D 16" x H 16"
Total Structure- L 81" x D 24" x H 20.5"

Additionally, we have another one with the same design already constructed that is slightly smaller. The dimensions for the smaller version are:
Beam alone- L 72" x D 16" x H 16.75"
Total Structure- L 72" x D 24" x H 20.5"

Both benches are available for purchase. For more information or custom design, please contact .