Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tub (Final Phase)

When we began designing the Loft, we took a trip to Mexico and got inspired to incorporate a hot tub into our design. Staying true to the open concept, we decided to make it the focal point of the master suite. We went with a Jacuzzi two-person, chroma therapy soaking tub. Ken surrounded the tub with reclaimed timbers and finished them off with hand-forged steel. The results were stunning.

Custom, hand-forged steel for the corners

Tub surround

In order to fill up the tub, Ken got creative. He fabricated a water hose that comes from the ceiling, allowing the water to fall into the tub. Since the water had to fall 10 feet, water would splash outside of the tub. After several attempts, he created a laminar water nozzle that would align the molecules just perfectly so that the water falls into the tub and disperses within it so that there is no splashing. The water is turned on by the hand wheels on the wall between the tub and the steam shower.

Laminar nozzle from the ceiling

 This is my favorite architectural in the Loft, it is such a beautiful sight to see every morning.