Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Revolving Bookcase

Responsive Spaces + Secrets + Urban Gardens= 
a welcomed, interactive experience. 
Where to install the chalkboard wall and industrial bookshelf?? 
 ...Kyle's favorite room in the Studio Loft of course!
The shelves fit inside the custom, hand-forged steel frame to exact dimensions. REALLY. This is why we triple check all measurements, again and again.

  We secure contact points with wood filler and sand it out for a smooth surface, and repeat. Ready to paint! 
With beloved books in mind, we designed the revolving bookcase around their unique dimensions. With the final curation of the books we finished the interactive piece with magnetic, playful Words of Art to compliment the vibe of feeling alive.
Pro-Tip: We have natural light from skylights to nourish the wheatgrass. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wall Gallery Art Show

We invite you to join us for a collaborative art show featuring 
+ modern industrial steel sculptures+
 Here is a preview!

THIS Saturday June 20 5-8pm here at WALL Gallery, Kenneth Crain and Stanley Ray Abbott debut MEN OF STEEL  #dallasdesigndistrict 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yoga Deck + Safety Railing

When guests tour the studio, a gem is the Dallas Skyline.
~ sunrise view ~
Weeks away from hosting the first Yoga on the Rooftop session, it was time to prepare for  many visitors to visit the studio and occupy the rooftop!
Once again, we specifically customized the railing to reflect the strength and dimensions needed and still allow the stellar view of our city.
The open design of the cable rig finishes the safety feature without surrendering the view of Downtown Dallas.
 The installation of the safety railing allows our guests to explore the red roof hatch door with a 360 view of the Design District.
 Celebrate! We shared freshly squeezed mimosas for the yogis and studio friends…We might have made too many, so we gifted the oranges :)
 With confidence and enthusiasm, we offer classes when instructors are kind enough to host. To be added to our yoga roster or questions about opportunities and classes, 
email us: hello@studio217.com
[Photo: Kenneth Crain]

Friday, June 5, 2015

Reclaimed Shutter & Beam Bed

...when Modern sleeps with Industrial, and they fall in love.
Hurricane Katrina gifted us these plantation shutters. (Thank you Griffin Trading )
sanding every…last…splinter!

Minimally hand-rubbed rather than stained, we wanted to protect the weathered beauty of the wood.

This hand-forged, steel support is designed to give the headboard a swept angle. This angle allowed us to showcase the original hardware and old world craftsmanship. 
EVEN Kenneth looks tiny next to this bed! At 1,300 pounds and 8.5 feet by 9 feet, this bed will not whisper a movement….but can share dreams. We will miss this modern industrial bed when someone falls in love and takes it home.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Cage Light

when industrial + architectural  =  s h a d o w  a r t 

Sometimes a design will begin with how we light up a space, then revolve the creative process around it.The inside secret: Kenneth will highly consider projects that involve welding 
Thank youArticulation Art!! We were given the opportunity to compliment one of our beam benches with another of our lighting architecturals in the lobby of a creative firm.
...and voila! industrial luxury.

Pro Tip: To achieve consistency in the permanent installation, we designed a rig to compete against the natural air flow from the entry door and two levels of office suites.