Sunday, May 20, 2012

Back on the Roof!

With the power issue slowing us down on the studio side, I turned my attention to the loft for a bit in hopes that I can stay on schedule in the long run.  The easiest project to pick up was the rooftop deck.  The final design netted me just over 1,100 square feet of deck space constructed using aluminum planking, and cedar 4x6 joists.  I’m calling it done for now until the studio is complete.  The plan is to design and fabricate some built-in screening and furniture nestled among green areas and herb gardens for the kitchen.  Perhaps a bar...  Here are some build photos showing the process...

After much deliberation, I went with aluminum planks for their durability and linear weight… good stuff!
We first prototyped the deck to figure out if we could span 30 inches, turns out you can... these planks are strong!
Once the joists were in place, we started the runs...
And done! (for now that is)

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