Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our New Band Saw

Our new Band Saw
If you are new to the blog, then you need to keep reading to appreciate the fact that we have been staring at our new band saw for over a month without being able to power it up because of the lack of electricity in the studio.  Oncor finally made it out Thursday morning to install our new meter. The electricians started putting fuses and breakers in within an hour. So it should be no surprise that while the HVAC guys were on the roof setting up the air conditioning for the studio, we had already begun playing with our new band saw!

The final adjustments before Oncor energized the studio!
One of these goes to the band saw... we're not sure which one...
Like any new toy, the first thing you have to do when you get a new band saw is to see how thin you can slice veneer.

Showing off my band saw skills to Chelsea and the kids
I like this new saw...

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  1. It is amazing watching the whole process, especially knowing that you have been doing it in 100 degree good ole' Texas weather! Knowing your attention to detail, I can't wait to see the finished studio. Then, the REAL fun begins....CREATING! BTW, how small can your new toys work?.....just asking (-: