Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's dig a really big hole

Everything is coming together nicely now.  With the launch date set for midnight, I now have time to concentrate on where we are going to live.  Like many great adventures, this one will have a very humble beginning.  A very large hole in the ground…

Cutting away the concrete floor around our exploratory hole
Before we could build anything in the loft, we had to dig the compulsory wine cellar.  It’s simple logistics.  We started with a small 4’ x 4’ exploratory hole to find out what was lurking beneath us.  Much to our surprise, just 60 year old dirt.  Good, hard-packed dirt at that.  Good news for us.  We then cut away the floor to bring our dimensions to the full 9’ x 12’ and started digging.  Lot’s of digging.

Getting close to our final depth of 8 feet and sizing our rebar... and yes, that is a toilet... it will be moved.
Add a 45 mil flexible liner and final rebar, then pour the floor
The finished product!
Add some rebar, and several yards of concrete, and voil√†!  This is as far as it will go for now.  We will run pneumatics for the trap door, electrical, and venting for cooling and call it a day.  This will be framed over so we can begin construction on the loft and I will revisit it at a later time.

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