Friday, March 1, 2013

Staircase (Final Phase)

With the LEDs and architectural element installed, it was time to make the stairs functional so that we could enjoy the deck just in time for warmer weather. The stairs are constructed of reclaimed timbers dating back to the 1800s from a building located in the Stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas. Each beam (stair) was hand-shaped and stained.

The chosen beams after they were hand-shaped

Lined up ready to be stained

 The steel step halfway up the staircase is for structural support and adds an additional element to the stairs. We are still debating on whether or not to leave the step as is or patina it for a darker steel look. The LED feature allows us to program the stairs to be any desired color with a remote. 

Completed Staircase

This architectural is important to us because it is the first thing you see when you walk into the loft. Your eyes are immediately drawn to it at the back of the warehouse. It creates an alluring ambience as the light from the skylights diminishes each evening.

View down the hallway just got a lot better

With the stairs finished, we are able to enjoy the deck upstairs for parties, yoga, gardening, and much more.
Stairs are finished! 

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