Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reclaimed Timber Coffee Table (Piece #50)

We decided to do another reclaimed timber coffee table and make it slightly different to test our design capabilities. The concept for this piece was similar. We used the reclaimed pine timbers and mixed them with pieces of hard maple and walnut. The unique thing about this table is the pieces of pine that we chose show the variety of the reclaimed beams. The colors and markings are completely distinct from other pieces we have worked with. The wood has more character and took stain radically different. Here is the table top once we glued up, grinded and stained.

Glue up in progress

Note the different patterns in the wood

We incorporated two pieces of hard maple into the table top because we knew that the table was going to have a dark finish and wanted the strips of hard maple to stand out. It creates a varietal of textures, tones and patterns into a single piece. This would also allow the end user a multitude of design capabilities. 

For the bases, we designed and hand forged 1/2 inch recycled steel. Each table top base is unique and customizable to each piece. The table creates a utilitarian design that can be used as a table, bench or ottoman. 

1/2 inch, hand forged recycled steel bases

Dimensions are L 71" x W 29.5" x H 14" and it weighs 270 lbs.

This table is available for purchase and is being showcased at Lost Antiques in Design District Dallas, Texas. For more information or for a custom designed piece, please contact Chelsea Layne at . 

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