Sunday, March 25, 2012

The light at the end of the tunnel…. Literally

Following up on the drama from the previous post, things are beginning to look up. Mother nature allowed some dry weather and Juan from Skylight Solutions took advantage of it over the beautiful weekend here in Dallas. As we patio hopped (cocktails in hand, of course), Juan and his crew began cutting holes in the dilapidated roof on Friday to house the curbs for the skylights… all 15 of them.

Chelsea (behind the lens), once again looking up to me...
... and me looking down on her : )

Once the 50 year-old pine ceiling dried out from the bad weather, the insulation was glued down. I decided to have the insulation glued down, rather than nailed down, for many reasons. The first being aesthetically, we wanted to make sure that you were unable to see any mechanical fasteners from the inside of the Studio. We also wanted to preserve the existing pinewood that was already there and the least amount of penetrations into the ceiling, the better.

Let there be light!
After the insulation was glued, a special cement/composite board was laid and the curbs for the skylights and roof access were put in. Finally, the TPO roof was added and skylights were set into place. Tada!!! New roof accomplished.

Making progress!

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