Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ready to get Dirty!

Now that I have your attention... The concept of using upcycled and reclaimed materials presents quite a challenge. The prowl for materials that can be incorporated into functional designs began.  My designer and I have spent numerous hours, even days, looking for the best materials. We've been to auctions, flea markets, run down warehouses, salvage yards and much more. As a result, I have been covered head to toe in centuries old dust and grime. We can barely wait to repurpose these materials into something new and fresh. Enjoy some pictures of materials found.

Reclaimed flooring and beams (and Chelsea)
On the left, is 5000 square feet of South American wood that we saved from a warehouse. It had been twice laid and its last known use was in an automobile assembly plant in South America. It then sat in a warehouse for almost a half a century before we acquired it. It is dirty and full of nails but cleans up beautifully. On the right, is solid center cut pine beams taken out of an old grain mill.

Close up of the center-cut pine beams from an old grain mill

... and a collection of other random items that we have in our possession including pulleys, insulators, wheels, egg preservers, and much much more.

Chelsea and her cart of goodies

A rusty gift box

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