Monday, July 1, 2013

The Lonely Door

With the loft still being under construction, there isn’t a whole lot of privacy in the space. However, we made time to make one door. This door was considered to be the “test” door but the results were so amazing that we will be using the same technique to fabricate other doors when we get around to it.

Ken found some reclaimed flooring from a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse at our favorite salvage yard and there was enough to make two door fronts. Not wanting to use all the wood for one door, we decided to use the reclaimed flooring on one side and reclaimed cedar on the other.  The cedar was a reclaimed beam that we cut into veneer using the band saw and arranged in a random horizontal pattern.
Reclaimed school flooring in a vertical pattern on the front of the door

Reclaimed cedar in a horizontal configuration on backside

To add an industrial element, Ken fabricated steel hardware to incorporate into the design. Thus, completing the lavatory door.

Installed door with hardware

When the door is opened, there is a hint of fabulous red that shows around the edgeways.

Hint of Fabulous Red

 From the inside, the cedar door is beautiful. I still can’t decide which side is my favorite.

Look from the inside

 Hopefully we get around to making some more doors soon. 

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