Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Connecting the Warehouses

Since we now have two warehouses side-by-side, we have the ability to connect the two so we can quickly access the materials stored next door. We keep our forklifts in the warehouse next door so we needed a connecting door that was large enough for our materials, and the forklifts. This would provide the studio with the ability to transfer equipment and materials from warehouse to warehouse seamlessly.

Before Picture

First, Ken met with a couple structural engineers to determine it was safe to cut a hole between the two structures. Instead of hiring contractors, Ken created a way to do the task himself (as usual). So for many days, the boys chipped away at a solid cinder block wall. Ken welded a structural doorframe that could accommodate for a garage door and reinforce the large hole.

Framed out

We now have a bay-sized garage door that allows us the ability to move materials and access our warehouse space with ease.

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