Monday, October 21, 2013

Our Version of a Cat Scratching Post

Here at the Studio, we have two furry friends named Amos and Loki. We needed a scratching solution for them so that they would not destroy furniture throughout the space. In a hunt to find something to go in the Studio that wasn’t an eyesore, we came up short. We decided to fabricate something ourselves that would incorporate design and functionality.  We started out with a four-foot tall, raw, reclaimed pine beam. Ken hand chiseled a portion of the beam so that we could wrap it in .75 inch manilla rope and it would be flush with the wood.
Hand chiseling for the inlayed rope

In order to secure the rope, we wanted it to be discreet. We used a peg system on the backside to attach the ends of the manilla rope for a seamless design. Here is the peg system before we put on the rope.

Peg system

 For the base, we chose .25 inch steel plate with an oxidized patina.

.25 inch steel base

Side view

The cat scratching post is now a sculpture in our living room that is both beautiful and functional. The cats are able to scratch in style.

Amos enjoying her cat scratching post

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