Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Revolving Bookcase

Responsive Spaces + Secrets + Urban Gardens= 
a welcomed, interactive experience. 
Where to install the chalkboard wall and industrial bookshelf?? 
 ...Kyle's favorite room in the Studio Loft of course!
The shelves fit inside the custom, hand-forged steel frame to exact dimensions. REALLY. This is why we triple check all measurements, again and again.

  We secure contact points with wood filler and sand it out for a smooth surface, and repeat. Ready to paint! 
With beloved books in mind, we designed the revolving bookcase around their unique dimensions. With the final curation of the books we finished the interactive piece with magnetic, playful Words of Art to compliment the vibe of feeling alive.
Pro-Tip: We have natural light from skylights to nourish the wheatgrass. 

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