Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Yoga Deck + Safety Railing

When guests tour the studio, a gem is the Dallas Skyline.
~ sunrise view ~
Weeks away from hosting the first Yoga on the Rooftop session, it was time to prepare for  many visitors to visit the studio and occupy the rooftop!
Once again, we specifically customized the railing to reflect the strength and dimensions needed and still allow the stellar view of our city.
The open design of the cable rig finishes the safety feature without surrendering the view of Downtown Dallas.
 The installation of the safety railing allows our guests to explore the red roof hatch door with a 360 view of the Design District.
 Celebrate! We shared freshly squeezed mimosas for the yogis and studio friends…We might have made too many, so we gifted the oranges :)
 With confidence and enthusiasm, we offer classes when instructors are kind enough to host. To be added to our yoga roster or questions about opportunities and classes, 
email us: hello@studio217.com
[Photo: Kenneth Crain]

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