Friday, April 6, 2012

Equipment on The Move!

Well things are starting to come together. With the roof being completed, the alarm system installed, and the bay doors replaced; we were able to start bringing some of the equipment into the studio. Mind you, most of the equipment has been stored in a neighbors warehouse a few blocks away. The challenge here was getting the new equipment to the studio safely using a forklift and a lot of patience.

The Power Hammer en route to the Studio
The power hammer was probably the most difficult piece of equipment to move. This is due to its tall top-heavy 1,600 lb design. I had to be able to stabilize it on the forklift, carefully navigate thru the streets of the design district, and then get it up into the warehouse. No big deal.

In addition to the power hammer, I had to move our new compressor, the brake press, a dozen of our new huge storage baskets, and a pallet of antique pieces. Check out the photos of the madness.

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  1. Looking for the careers section. I want to be a forklift driver. That's Sic! Word!