Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting Out of the Studio

I know that we have not posted much about the pieces of furniture or the amazing things we have found lately. The Studio and its construction is all consuming. However, we have found balance by taking a trip to Marburger Antique Festival this week in Round Top, Texas. We were very pleased and happy to find a few good finds in the chaos of the 43 acre flea market. Take a look at some of the new pieces and check back to see how we transform them into beautiful pieces of furniture.

These are jacks dating back to the 1800’s from St Louis
These are reel jacks from a railroad. Aren’t they amazing?
New Orleans commissioned artists during the great depression to design these. They are now collector’s items and we have our hands on two of them. Aren’t they stunning?
This is part of a bridge that set in water and snow for nearly a decade before being resalvaged. Oh, and they are incredibly heavy!

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